National Media Group announces the acquisition of shares in Art Pictures

National Media Group informs about the 50% shares acquisition completion of LLS "Art Pictures Vision" (part of the Art Pictures Group), one of the leading film and TV content production company.

This deal will pool together resources of NMG and a unique creativeness of Art Pictures Vision team with Fedor Bondarchuk as the creative director to establish a company with a larger scale and a higher level of professionalism on the Russian media market. With this acquisition NMG will integrate the full cycle of TV and film content management - from the production to the distribution.

The approval for this deal from the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Agency was received.

"Partnership with NMG gives us a tremendous opportunity for the further development of the new age TV content. This new age TV media market lacking new interesting formats. We hope that together with our new partner we can do a breakthrough in this field which will be appreciated by our clients and its audience" - Fedor Bondarchuk commented .

National Media Group also reached an agreement about future acquisition of 50% of LLS "Art Pictures Studio" (part of Art pictures Group), one of the most famous Russian film company and is waiting for the approval from the controlling authority.

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