• “ABR Management” JSC

    “ABR Management” JSC was registered on December 29, 2011 in St.Petersburg. The company was founded by members of the management of BANK “ROSSIYA” for strategic management of the banking group’s assets and to ensure sustainable growth of shareholder value.

    ABR Management’s key objective is to build an effective asset management system based on best corporate business practices and respect for the interests of company shareholders.

    In everything it does, ABR Management is guided the principles of business transparency, business ethics and professionalism. The ABR Management team has many years of experience in corporate management and possesses in-depth industry expertise and knowledge of the markets in which it operates.

    ABR Management’s mission is to foster a professional asset management market in various sectors of the Russian economy. We ensure the sustainable development and consistent growth of assets managed by our company, while respecting the rights and interests of shareholders.

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